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Registrations for Forensic Fest 2023

The Forensic Fest 2023, held at Parul University, a prestigious NAAC A++ grade institution known for its vibrant atmosphere in the field of applied sciences, stands as a tribute to the dynamic skills showcased by the Forensic Science Department. This event not only highlights our student's unique qualities but also represents the collaborative and innovative attitude developed by Parul University. As a varied academic hub, Parul University provides a supportive environment in which students can explore, study, and thrive in a variety of fields, including forensic science. The Forensic Fest provides an enthralling glimpse into Parul
University's rich academic tapestry, demonstrating the university's commitment to practical education and hands-on learning experiences. Join us in honoring the convergence of talent, academia, and innovation at this fascinating event that embodies the essence of Parul University's holistic educational approach.

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