About Diploma in Dairy Technology Engineering

With the growing significance of the dairy industry across the nation, there has been an increasing demand for experts who are skilled with the knowledge and abilitities related to this field. The Faculty of Engineering's Department of Dairy Technology offers a three year diploma program in dairy technology engineering which focuses in equipping students with the relevent competencies required in order to navigate this field. The program provides entry level knowledge which includes an understanding of the basic fundamentals of dairy technology. It goes on to provide students with an indepth learning experience to the technical and the commercial aspects of the program. The fields of study in this course include dairy technology, dairy engineering, dairy microbiology, chemistry and business management. The program is conducted under the instruction of top notch faculties who have immense industrial knowledge, along with various visiting experts who get to share various insights relating to the field. The department is equipped with state of the art facilities for research and experimentation which go on to shape the students' practical hands on experience in preparation of their career journey. With the Faculty's industrial ties, students get to be prepared for their various career roles within the industry which places them a step ahead in the job market. 


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Diploma in Dairy Technology EngineeringProgram Outcomes

Why Study Diploma in Dairy Technology Engineering

The demand for dairy products is expected to grow at a rate 9-12% by 2030 and with the high demand for dairy products in India, has resulted in the country being one of the largest producers in the world. Thus due the exponential growth in this field, pursing this program places students on a career vantage point as there is a high demand of professionals in this field. It is also still a growing field, thus creating potential avenues for students to explore, such as:
Dairy Plant supervisor

Dairy Plant supervisor

An ability to understand the fundamental elements of mechanics and electronics, and to practically put them into application.

Dairy Plant Manager/Assistant Manager

An ability to work on the industrial and manufacturing level of the dairy products and manage the production line of various dairy products

Dairy Plant Manager/Assistant Manager
Purchase Manager

Purchase Manager

The ability to oversee the purchase and procurement of various dairy related essentials which are required for dairy purposes

Logistics and Distribution Manager

An ability to strategise numerous aspects of the chain of distribution, and the logistics of dairy products including refrigeration

Logistics and Distribution Manager
Quality Control Officer

Quality Control Officer

An ability to innovate and engineer new modern technologies in dairy technology, which will play a role of ensuring quality production

Duration: 3 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

10th Pass with 35% and english and maths as compulsory subjects


Mode of Admission

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Diploma in Dairy Technology Engineering feesFees


Diploma in Dairy Technology Engineering


* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

Diploma in Dairy Technology Engineering CurriculumCurriculum


Physical Chemistry of Milk


Milk Production Management and Dairy Development 3


Engineering Drawing

Introduction to English Grammar & Soft Skills

Workshop Practice

Basics of Computer Science

Fluid Mechanics

Introduction to Dairying

Fundamentals of Microbiology


Economic Analysis


Fundamentals of Microbiology


Market Milk

Fat rich and Indigenous Dairy Products

Introduction Dairy Microbiology

Cheese, Fermented Products and By-products

Heat and Mass Transfer

Market Milk Process Equipments

Chemistry of Milk

Chemistry of Milk Products


Microbiology of Milk and Other Foods

Electrical Engineering

Financial Accounting

Biochemistry and Human Nutrition

Packaging of dairy products


Hands On Training-I


Ice-cream and Frozen Dairy Products

In-plant Training

Condensed and Dried Milks


Dairy Products Equipments


Chemical Quality Assurance


Microbiological Quality Assurance


Extension Communication & Dairy Entrepreneurship


Dairy Engineering





Diploma in Dairy Technology Engineering Curriculum Laboratories


Research and Development Lab

As a way of promoting research in dairy engineering, a specific laboratory has been reserved for research and development where students can constantly engage in practical


Computer Labs

The faculty of engineering is equipped with a total of 15 computer laboratories which are strategically designed to provide students with the most vital practical training exposure.

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Sensory Evaluation laboratory

Sensory Evaluation laboratory

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Package Testing laboratory

Package Testing laboratory

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Colour measurement

Colour measurement

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Texture analyser

Texture analyser

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Refrigeration Lab   

Refrigeration Lab   

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Dairy Engineering Workshop

Dairy Engineering Workshop

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Dairy Food Analysis Lab

Dairy Food Analysis Lab

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Dairy Food Quality and Safety Lab

Dairy Food Quality and Safety Lab

https://www.paruluniversity.ac.in/Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Diploma in Dairy Technology Engineering CurriculumActivities


The 2nd International Conference Parul University International Conference on Engineering & Technology: Smart Engineering was jointly organized by Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Parul University, India and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland. Mechanical Engineering and Allied Engineering had been covered under the theme of 'Smart Innovations' in PiCET'19. The first session on day one was on theme: 'Next-Generation Manufacturing'.

Expert Lecture on Challenges and Opportunities in Agriculture and Agriculture Allied

Shri. Devidas Bhadange, who possess more than 40 years of experience of working in the field of agriculture and other allied fields and who is currently Chief Executive Officer of ABC Consultancy in Pune, was invited as an Eminent Speaker by the University for conducting Expert Talk for students of B.Sc(Hons.) Agiculture, B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering , B.Tech in Dairy Technology and B.Sc in Food Technology degree programs.

World Food Day Celebration

Department of Food Technology and Dairy Technology organised Food Festino on account of World Food Day. Food Quizzes, Ad Making, Business Idea Pitching, Treasure Hunt, Model and Poster presentation and health recipes at Food stalls were some of the activities conducted.

Tech Expo

It is one of the Faculty of Engineering's major annual exhibition where final year students get to exhibit their highly innovative projects. A total of 4,000 students took part in this year's tech expo exhibition where they showcased their robots and automated systems which were strategically designed to act as solutions for various socio-economic issues.