Going beyond learning by offering an enriching experience.


Academic Excellence


Lucrative Careers


Enriching Global Exposure


Extensive Research


Cultural Diversity

Plus Enriching Global Exposure

PU provides the most enriching global exposure as a plus advantage. Our students get to take part in a wide range of exchange programs, in Europe, Asia, America, Arabia, and Africa. Our strategic international ties, create within PU an entire global village, where students learn the vital tools to navigate this globalized world.

Plus Lucrative Careers

As an added advantage of being a part of PU, our strategic industrial ties provide our students with the most lucrative career opportunities. With campus drives annually organised on the campus, we put the employer right Infront of the students, and produce quality within which attracts the most lucrative career packages.

Plus Excellence in Academics

Our elite league of faculties, and experts with 11O of them being from the finest IITs and NITs, across the nation, guarantee an added advantage of pure excellence in academics. The curriculum is custom designed to satisfy the individual academic needs of each and every student thus making this the most edifying learning experience.

Plus Extensive Research

With our state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories, we provide students with the plus advantage of being a part of the most edifying search for knowledge expressed through research. We expose our students to the finest and most current real-time research-based projects with both a national and global application.

Plus Cultural Diversity

PU's vibrancy is the most enriching campus experience which gives our students the plus advantage of being in a place which harbours the finest of cultures from across India and the world. With students from 29 States and 7 Union territories and over 50 Nationalities across the world, PU is the ideal hub which harbours the essence of cultural diversity.