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Faculty of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Hotel Management & Catering Technology is a multidisciplinary field, which is comprehensive in nature, covering fields such as food production, food and beverage serving, hospitality management and house-keeping. The Faculty seeks to provide students with the most enriching training and nurturing in the essential undertsanding of hotel management. Through its comprehensive curriculum, it creates a wide and enriching exposure which allows students to develop not only the theoretical principles but also the practical understanding of the field. With the growing scope of tourism, students have been exposed to the new trends and digital practices related to this field. The curriculum of the Aviation Management programs has been strategically designed in a student centric manner which goes on to meet the demands of the industry, allowing student to navigate the scope of this with a global understanding of contemparary and future trends. To cater for the hands on training, the Faculty has been equipped with a “Mock Aircraft”  which provides an all in one simulation of the real-time aircraft, allowing students to conduct “Mock Drills” and catering inflight servcies complimentary to their theoretical learning. As a way of providing this practical knowledge, the Faculty is equipped with state of the art laboratories and facilties which work towards imparting the most essential elements of hotel management and catering to the students. The Faculty of Hotel Management & Catering Technology strives to shape the management, analytical and technical skills within every student to nurture their mannerisms and professional ethics which are essentially required in this field. In addition to this, the faculty provides an extensive hands-on training through which the students get an exposure to numerours aspects of the industry. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Hotel Management & Catering Technology and shape your bright career today.


To develop leaders for managing the ever changing hospitality industry


To impart exemplary and innovative education so as to prepare the students to rise up to the
challenges of hospitality industry

Why Study Hotel Management and Catering Technology?

The continuing growth of the tourism industry has sparked an immense growth in the field of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. With more hotels and food services coming up, this field now has endless career opportunities for the students.

The program allows for individual creativity, therefore it grants students the opportunity to express themselves by expressing their unique talents, through delightful cuisines and beverages.

With the advent of technology, students who pursue this course have a huge demand in the market as there are more online hotel management and food services coming up. Hence the scope of their work both in the physical sphere as well as the digital sphere is increasing.

Hotel Management and Catering Technology is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, such as a Steward Front Office Manager, Bartender, Receptionist, Housekeeping Supervisor and Sous-Chef.

What makes
PU Faculty of Hotel Management and Catering Technology unique?

A Unique orientation towards personal skill development, mannerism and ethics.
State of the art catering facilities providing the finest practical exposure.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.
Insights from expert chefs and hotel managers through seminars and conferences.

Message from
the Dean

I believe the highest form of mannerism and ettiquette define the depth of knowledge and understanding and this is the ideology which drives the knowledge and education that is imparted at the Faculty of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. We endeavour to provide our students with the most comprehensive understanding of hotel management & catering technology, which allows them to effectively navigate the scope of the industry. If I look back at the past 5-10 years, hotel management and catering technology wasn’t such a remunerative career option but today, due to the emergence of technology, it has become one of the most demanding professions. Keeping in mind this rapid change, we have designed new age quality programmes which are centred on enhancing an in-depth knowledge of the subjects while imparting industry-specific expertise. We are committed to giving birth to confident and presentable graduates who find placements in diverse range of job profiles. I am deeply appreciative for the exceptional group of faculties and staff who have worked diligently to pave way for your academic excellence and I welcome you to the Faculty of Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

Mr. Satish Kumar Jha 

What Students Say

I am extremely thankful to Parul University for fulfilling the professional areas where I lacked so as to match up to the HMCT standards. And thankfully, due to the professional teaching methods my mannerisms are nothing less than exceptional.

Rahul Joshi

Seeing so many competitive students around me was an eye opener! I was unaware of the fact that a field like Hotel Management & Catering Technology can be so cut throat. Knowing this prepared me for the industry, and the competition that came with it.

Shring Sandilya

The practical teaching sessions by my expert faculties fostered the zeal, interpersonal skills, presentation skills and innovative ideas in me. The atmosphere at the Hotel Management faculty allows me to continue innovating and creating new ideas.

Shubham Tiwari

Ever since my freshman year, the institute has provided me a pool of opportunities. With a great deal of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities I have improved my team work skills and abilities.

Utkarsh Rathod

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