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Legal education maintains a position of great significance in today’s society, it is a vital component of ensuring administrative transparency, delivering social justice and the maintenance of global peace. The Faculty of Law is dedicated towards imparting the knowledge of law coupled with an understanding of essential legal principles. The faculty plays the vital role of shaping the future of abled, critically thinking, analytically empowered and enlightened legal human resources. Additionally, it offers a modernized intellectually stimulating curriculum that is uniquely customized to satisfy the versatile academic needs of every student. The dynamic range of diploma, undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate programs are designed to meet the contemporary needs of the society. The Faculty of Law focuses on the comprehensive acquisition of legal knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspects, while promoting a staunch mooting culture. We are committed to guiding you today, on the journey towards your legal career tomorrow.


To become a leading institute in law education and preparing students who are responsive to
the requirements of society through legal aid


To offer relevant programmes which address the changing needs of the society and the
requisite laws to tackle these changes

Why Study Law?

Law is the cornerstone of our contemporary society, it is the instrument for ensuring good governance, and administering polices for the welfare of the people.

In this highly industrial era, the advent of technological inventions has brought about a great demand in the understanding the various ever-changing forms of intellectual property.

The continuous evolution in human rights, and environmental concerns for promoting sustainable development, places the knowledge of law in a position of great importance, for ensuring the overall growth of humanity.

Law is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, such as a Policy Maker, Arbitrator, Paralegal, Advocate, Case Manager, Jury Consultant, Legal Analyst, Legal Assistant, Legal Services Director, Law Firm Administrator, Company Lawyer and Judicial Officer amongst others.

What makes
PU Faculty of Law unique?

Extensive Practical Training through clinical programs and moot courts.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.
Insights from legal experts and renowned personalities through seminars and conferences.

Message from
the Dean

If I am to recollect the ventures of all the prestigious personalities who made a great impact throughout history, I am always marveled when I discover that all of them had a strong legal background. This significance in our history, displays how the law has maintained a position of great importance towards the development of our societies. Therefore, as the Dean of the Parul University's Faculty of Law, I am always delighted to play this significant role of edifying our students into becoming the future bright legal personalities who go on to shape the scope of the society. The Faculty is dedicated towards promoting the legal development, while preserving the sacred essence of legal principles. I believe we have a duty to our students and our society to provide the maximum amount of legal exposure one can have throughout their academic journey. All of these, are focused on one goal, that is to create a highly enlightened human resource with apt legal knowledge and professional legal ethics, along with a burning desire to serve the society and humanity as a whole.

Dr. Ketan Desai 

What Students Say

I have always aspired to become a lawyer, to be able to help and assist people who are in need of actual legal help and guidance. Being a part of the faculty of law here has allowed me to not only gain knowledge, but the legal clinic has provided for me the chance and the opportunity to gain practical knowledge even while I am still in school.

Dhruvi Kapadiya

The exposure we get to receive through practical learning and clinical sessions, is by all means of great importance towards shaping my legal career. The platforms which the Faculty of Law regularly creates, ensure that we receive the maximum amount of academic exposure which is of great importance.

Disha Patel

My level of confidence was always lacking, however through the various interpersonal skill development sessions which the faculty of law regularly conducts I was able to fully develop the required speaking skills and nurture my abilities to clearly communicate my ideas in the best way possible.

Divyesh Gujar

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