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Ayurved is an ancient artform of medicine which has its roots originating from the Indian subcontinent and has maintained a position of significance all over the world. The study of Ayurved is based on a balance between mind, body and spirit. It is more than a form of medical treatment, it is also a purely healing science. Ayurved follows the ancient knowledge which harnesses the healing essence of nature, thus making it one of the healthiest forms of healthcare. The Faculty of Ayurved, fosters this Vedic literature of natural healing to students and provides a meticulous academic environment which is designed for them to flourish their social, physical, cultural and interpersonal awareness. The Faculty has come up with a vision to build a centre for excellence in Ayurved education and propagate the profound ancient wisdom of the Indian system of medicine through quality teaching, training, medical care and research works.The Faculty provides an intensive practical training with its multispecialty Ayurved Hospital which guides patients towards their wellness journey.


To make Indian system of medicine in paralance with other modes of health care through
education in ayurved and yogic sciences.


To train the young minds in scientific approach to health care through study of indian forms
of medicine at UG, PG and Doctoral Levels

Why Study Ayurved?

It is an ancient method of healthcare, which is still growing until today, thus providing more room for expansion by creating opportunities for aspirants to grow and explore the depth of this practice.

Ayurveda makes use of natural elements to achieve the highest form of medical treatment, therefore this makes it more acceptable and relatable to many patients.

The field is centered on imparting a specific practical skill which can be learnt and developed, thus with such a practical skill, students have a wide room for growth in the various aspects of the career.

The essence of this study is within the depth of beliefs and values of patient wellness, therefore practicing Ayurved is associated with the highest form of wellness.

What makes
PU Faculty of Ayurved unique?

Multispecialty Hospital which provides effective practical training for the students.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.
Highly equipped laboratories which offer the finest exposure to extensive research.
NABH accredited for the highest form of quality assurance and service provision.

Message from
the Dean

In the pre-historic era, Ayurved was responsible for healing and curing people and has been responsible for ensuring the highest form of health and well-being for over centuries. Today I am more than delighted to be a part of a system that seeks to deliver the healing essence of Ayurved in today's society. I believe true medicine comes from the earth, therefore at the Faculty of Ayurved our goal is to teach students how to effectively deliver the best form of healthcare. Faculty of Ayurved is an institution of academic prowess and achievement and has maintained this standard from the date of its inception. It is amongst one of the finest colleges in the District and State and delivers the finest human resources in this field. The institute’s aim is towards imparting comprehensive teaching fused with attention given to student’s dreams, accomplishments and personal growth. It gives me so much satisfaction to look back at so many successful years of scholastic and co-scholastic accolades.

Dr. Hemant Toshikhane 

What Students Say

On my first day, I was completely blown away with all the facilities which the institute was offering its students. Right from well-equipped labs to the Ayurvedic hospital, we had everything required for a comprehensive learning experience.

Karan Nanda

I am highly grateful to the institute for providing an internship right after course completion. During the internship period, I came across so many different cases, all of which had different approaches for medication, healing and therapy. Today, I’m running a clinic, all thanks to Parul University.

Khyati Mishra

Since I was a hostelite, I am more attached to the campus premises. Everything was just a walk away- mess, gymnasium, temple, my institute, food court and playground. Due to everything being in close proximity, I could focus more on my studies and enjoy with my friends too.

Kinjal Popat

All my teachers were highly supportive and caring. There were instances when I had to prioritize events over the regular lectures. On such encounters, I used to miss the syllabus, but thanks to my teachers for conducting extra classes for me and making me thorough with the concepts.

Monterio Albino Nhacassa

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