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Faculty of Fine Arts

Fine arts is more than just a field of study, it is the expression of the individual’s unique creative elements, the program revolves around the essence of creative inspiration coupled with insightful innovation to turn abstract imaginations into world realities.The Faculty of Fine Arts focuses on developing strong qualities such as risk taking, analytical skills and presentation abilities. The significance of life in and around the earth is brought into fulfilment by the existence of art, therefore we venture to develop the most competent and artistic resources, who go on to shape the scope of human life. The Faculty focuses on developing the knowledge base of students while at the same time moulding their creative elements to effectively portray the melange and heritage within art. As a way of ensuring the highest form of practical hands on training the Faculty of Fine Arts is equipped with state of the art facilties and studios which continuously nurture the students. With the emergence of technology, the forms of art have taken different dynamic shifts therefore in order to keep our students ahead of these shifts, the faculty also imparts within the students some specific IT and technical skills to suit the contemporary market. We have emerged as a platform for nurturing student talent by preparing them for their journey of creativity.


To convert the abstract ideas into the realm of finite exhibits


To train the prospective artists in not only the traditional but also in modern art forms through
dedicated studios and workshops

Why Study Fine Arts?

Fine Arts is an expressive field of study, which allows students to both follow their passion and express their individual creativity, thus following a more personalized form of learning.

The field of Fine Arts is a skill based program, therefore it gives career autonomy to the individuals to either work independently or work under a firm.

The creative industry has been continuously growing and evolving, opening up new channels of opportunities for Fine Arts experts. Thus pursuing this degree guarantees relevance in the professional circle.

Fine Arts is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, and this degree provides students with an exposure to the fundamentals of art, such as painting, sculpture, curators and exhibitionists.

What makes
PU Faculty of Fine Arts unique?

State of the art facilities with well-equipped studios for practical training.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.
Insights from Fine Arts experts, renowned personalities through seminars and conferences.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.

Message from
the Dean

Fine Arts is a field which explores the depth of creativity, with roots which have been buried within the core of the society from time immemorial and it has shaped the feelings and emotions of society towards a common direction. As the Dean, I heartily commend the collective efforts of our faculties, students and staff, which have led to the continued growth and widening of new horizons envisioned through creative expressions and intellectual curiosity.  With the diverse blend of students, which we have from infinite cultural backgrounds we have developed a platform of rich and insightful thoughts and creative innovations from people from around the world. I believe for any student who is fueled with the desire to attain professional development in the field of Fine Arts, our sails are set to sail you through the perfect career destination. You are welcome to enrol into our programs and I hope you will be able to participate in our numerous activities and become a proud alumni of PU Faculty of Arts. I welcome you to the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Ms Taruna Vasu

What Students Say

I managed to get a rich and wide exposure from highly trained faculties and professors who have greatly sharpened creative lenses and were able to teach me and groom my artist skills.

Jayraj Barot

The program developed my art from simply being a talent, to being an actual profession which I can utilize for an actual fulfilling professional purpose. With the focus I receive on the technological trends, I can fully navigate the current scope of the technological world.

Karan Nanda

The faculty of fine arts hosted many events and workshops, in which I along with my class mates displayed our artworks to the world, which were well appreciated. This boosted a lot of confidence in me. Through such events, I got to know the business side of art- what people like, prefer and their requirements.

Jinay Shah

There wasn’t a single moment which made me feel like life at PU was mundane. We were always making and creating something or the other. This highly innovative atmosphere of the University was to me an entire muse on its own, and it kept on pushing me to various possibilities of Art.

Joyal Patel

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