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Faculty of IT & Computer Science

With the ever-growing scope of digitalisation and technological innovation in today's time, the Information Technology and Computer Science experts have taken a role of vital siginificance. The Faculty of IT and Computer Science, endevours to shape and develop skilled personnel who have the practical knowledge and the fundamental understanding of the various aspects within the digital space which allows them to innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions in this field. The faculty offers an enriching curriculum which seeks to impart and develop the contemporary understanding of the vast dimensions which are related to this field thereby providing students with an up to date knowledge of these trends. The faculty is also equipped with state of the art facilties and computer laboratories which go on to provide insightful competencies in coding, web development on various computer languages along with an exposure to the Internet of Things. Our elite league of facuties and experts go on to provide students with the most enriching practical understanding to the trends of the industry, making our IT and Computer Science students the competent human resource for this field. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in IT & Computer Science.


To become a leading IT Hub by providing training to become global software professionals


To impart training in software development using the latest technologies

Why Study IT & Computer Science?

IT and Computer Science are the two driving forces behind the innovation and growth of the 21st century. Experts in this field maintain a position of great significance in spearheading the search for various forms of innovative technologies.

The program focuses on developing the practical skills of the students, therefore giving them skills, which can be practically applied in various fields and gives students the open option of either working under a company or working as an independent.

The program covers a broad scope in terms of the subjects and areas covered thus giving the students a wider scope of knowledge and understanding, which they can adapt in various ecosystems.

The growing scope of avenues of technology such as artificial intelligence has created for the students of this field, new avenues of innovation and creative development through the use of technology.

What makes
PU Faculty of IT & Computer Science unique?

Unique academic exposure through expert lectures and workshops by IT professionals from reputed organizations.
State of the art research facilities with an extensive exposure to research and practical training.
To motivate the students, the faculty creates various platforms for inspiration where students can learn and nurture their innovative elements.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.

Message from
the Dean

The century we are living in today is one which is characterised by a continuing growth in the scope and the capacity of technology through digital technology and artificial intelligence. There has never been a time as good as now where computer scientists and IT experts have found a place of great significance. As the Dean I am more than delighted to be a part of the mind shaping process that has been responsible for producing such abled human resources who have been driving humanity through the use of technology. We continuously adapt to the dynamic demands of the corporate world by updating our academic models, not only to stay ahead of technology but drive it. The faculty of IT & Computer Science not only focuses on academic pursuits but it also conducts extra-curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the year. These have served their purpose in the most fruitful way possible, now we have not just students but a community where our students have grown and integrated with one another to work together towards shaping the future of academics and the future of technology. I welcome you to the Faculty of IT and Computer Science. 

Dr. Priya Swaminarayan 

What Students Say

The prime reason for choosing PU for my graduation was because of its finest education and the peaceful, amazing location. The fusion of academic and social life in the university is very balanced.

Uzair Patel

The Faculty of IT & Computer Science is excellent. The course I pursued is highly practical and it has been helping me, in my growth and understanding of this world.

Aditi Patel

I was taught by the most experienced faculties and it is because of them I am prepared for every facet of IT & CS industry. The knowledge I attained has given me an edge over others working with me.

Aditya Mohite

BCA was never easy, but it was worth it. I started looking at things from every perspective and was taught to work with the sharpest people.

Anivesh Dubey

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