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Faculty of Performing Arts

The Faculty of Performing Arts was initiated with the goal and objective of filling up the gap in the artistic education of India and across the world by offering various modules and programs that develop skills in performance-making for live/stage/site and screen-based media. Performing Arts is an integrated faculty that looks at the artistic expressions and the contexts of their Ancestral Wisdom, Parampara along with new innovations and Contemporary performing Arts through the 20th and 21st century. Our have been designed in such a way that improves the creative abilities of our students along with helping them in gaining a business acumen. Numerous options have been made available so as to allow students to choose and develop their own specialisation program. Through such broad umbrellas students will develop various skills to innovate Contemporary Practices, deepen Traditional practices, learn Devising, Digital Technologies and interaction, and train in teaching or applied arts careers, leading community workshops and so on. The Faculty has been equipped with state of the art facilities which have been designed in such a manner that allows students to explore their creative passion for performing arts. Overall, the Faculty of Performing Arts is a safe place to be, to evolve, and enrich life through the Arts and prepare for all future careers in entertainment, experimental, educational, community and healthcare.

Why Study Performing Arts?

Performing Arts offers an exposure to an incredible world of connection and transcendence in creativity.

It offers professional training, grooming and nurturing for artists in dancing, singing, acting or playing instruments

Performing arts offers opportunities for one to explore their creativity, and harness their passion for creative arts

Performing arts offers endless career opportunities, and has arrived as a mainstream education and career.

What makes
PU Faculty of Performing Arts unique?

State of the art facilities with well-equipped studios for practical training.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.
In-depth and complete experiential space for artists to excel as professionals.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.

Message from
the Dean

Performing arts has a wide range of pursuits in diverse ways. In expression it remains real and in the embodied approaches it becomes a search for truth of existence. It requires abandonment and also taking a position and in that act of being either, it is much more than an art, more than the purpose of entertainment and while it is an integral part of the human race, its beauty lies in its intangibility and power to drive change. As a faculty our aim is to provide theoretical support to prevailing dance, theatre and music practices with state of the art facilities including a dance room, a concert room and much more. Being enrolled with the faculty of performing arts means students will have the opportunity of working with some of the top experts ranging from movement studies, sound studies, actor training, queer and feminist theory, performance artists, experimental and traditional theatre, village elders, community leaders, shamans and so on, in the form of various lectures seminars and field visits. I take this opportunity to encourage students who love dance, music, and drama to take up performing arts professionally. Of all the identities I remain a practitioner first, a multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of dance, theatre, film, healing and I am delighted to welcome you to the vibrant world of performing arts created with love and care, here at Parul University.

Mr Prabhas Pandey

What Students Say

Being a student of performing Arts has allowed me to reach the height of my individual skillsets and develop my knowledge and understanding in such a way which enhances my own creative abilities

Ms Khyati Mishra

My experience pursuing my education in the field of creative arts at Parul University has allowed me to gain the most enriching insights into the field allowing me to be a part of the most enriching platform for my creative expression

Ms Kinjal Popat

I am thankful for my mentors and guides for providing me with the privilege and opportunity of expressing my creative abilities at PU with the best creative insights into the field.

Mr. Rahul Joshi

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