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Libraries are the embodiments of human knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The librarians are the custodians of this wisdom and they play a vital role in guarding information by preserving the various forms of literary texts within the libraries. The Faculty of Library and Information Sciences is dedicated towards producing the future librarians who are well acquainted with both the conventional methodology and the new era of digitalisation. The entire curriculum is designed in a job-oriented manner, therefore making it a highly practical course which is of maximum utility for any aspiring student. As a way of developing the practical skills of the students, the faculty is equipped with 18 libraries with an ample supply of learning resources. In addition, the faculty goes on to impart within the students the knowledge regarding the various digital elements of this field to encourage more practical relevence. Apart from the technical aspects of library sciences, the faculty goes on to cultivate within the student’s basic interpersonal skills which are designed to channel the process of communication. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Library and Information Sciences.

Why Study Library and Information Science?

Libraries are a fundamental part of the education process therefore they play the vital role of guarding the relevant and specific knowledge which is required for this process to be fulfilled.

With the coming of technology, the forms of libraries are becoming more digitalized, therefore more opportunities are arising for librarians with libraries being made more compact and efficient.

The field of library sciences is highly limited which means there is a limited scope of competition, therefore it creates a high demand for library experts.

With the broad information and knowledge the library students receive, its creating for them endless lucrative career opportunities such as Library Manager, Strategy Analyst, Asst Librarian, Librarian, Library Automation amongst others.

What makes
PU Faculty of Library and Information Science unique?

State of the Art Libraries for promoting extensive practical hands on training
Highly trained faculties and experts with knowledgeable insights in the field
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships

Message from
the Dean

In today’s pragmatic world, the most trustable information source still remains an interface between a library and a librarian. To keep this trust going, the students in Faculty of Library and Information Sciences are taught to manage and make use of information which is centred towards facilitating the learning process. I believe the major significance of this program is not only to manage the resources but also to have an apt understanding of this knowledge. The Parul University libraries have been serving this purspose by providing students and research persons with extensive and distinctive range of books as well as digital resources. We train our students to create the same atmosphere, which inspires learning and transforms them into ideal professionals who are responsible for driving this field. We focus on not only training librarians but on developing people who are passionate for knowledge. I welcome you to the Faculty of Library Sciences. 

Dr. Dhaval Bhatt

What Students Say

I always considered Library and Information Sciences as a minor field. But after joining this program in PU, I became more broad minded regarding it. I learnt that, there is no point biasing the traditional and digital means of information and they can indeed go hand in hand.

Fuzel Siddiqui

This program is not pursued by many since it’s a road less taken. I am glad I chose Parul University to pursue this, as I was opened to a variety of opportunities.

Himadri Pandey

The lectures at PU were very live and interactive. I gained a great experience by working in the fully equipped library of my institute.

Jayraj Barot

Skills like management, communication, science and computer have been deeply inculcated in me. All thanks to my teachers for incorporating these in me due to which I’m able to assist great librarians today.

Jinay Shah

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