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Faculty of Homeopathy

According to the World Health Organisation, homeopathy is the second largest therapeutic system in the world. The reason why this field has emerged as the most reliable form of alternative healthcare is that, homeopathy follows the principle of “like cures like” thus making use of the internal healing elements of the body to cure sicknesses.The Faculty of Homeopathy is extremely proud of the rich tradition of providing cutting edge classroom learning, practical exposure and experience-based learning to the students. Thus from the date of its inception, the Faculty has been responsible for the crucial process of producing the finest homeopathy experts who have been serving the society in numerous ways. The Faculty goes on to cater to the health needs of the society by organizing regular homoeopathic camps at remote places and with transport of mobile dispensary everyday in the surrounding villages. As a way of providing the most enriching practical exposure to the students, the faculty has a dedicated Homeopathy Hospital which participates in national health programmes like pulse polio, universal immunization and family welfare initiatives. Apart from the academical activities, the college also conducts various sports, cultural and social- service related activities for the enhancement of the students’ knowledge base. With over four colleges the faculty of homeopathy continues to strive towards providing the highest form of academic medical excellence.



To make homoeopathy an accepted mode of healthcare by instilling confidence in the


To establish and manage institutes of homoeopathy medicine offering scientific training in
homoeopathy at UG, PG and Doctoral Levels

Why Study Homeopathy?

With the emergence of technology and research in the field of homeopathy, it has become a common practice, and more advanced methods of drug usage are coming into being, therefore pursuing this program opens students to endless opportunities for growth.

Homeopathic medicine is one of the forms of alternative healthcare which is gaining the largest amount of social acceptance in India and around, therefore this guarantees graduates the highest degree of relevance.

The field is centered on imparting a specific practical skill which can be learnt and developed, thus with such a practical skill students have a wide room of growth in the various aspects of the career.

The essence of this study is within the depth of beliefs and values of patient wellness, therefore practicing Homeopathy is associated with the highest form of patient wellness.

What makes
PU Faculty of Homeopathy unique?

A unique teaching Hospital which provides effective practical training for the students.
State of the Art research facilities and laboratories which provide the most advanced medical solutions.
360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.
All the four Homeopathy Collegiate Hospitals of Homeopathy are NABH accredited.

Message from
the Dean

With the rising demand of Universal Healthcare all across the world, the need for various forms of alternative healthcare has also grown and this has created a wider space for the growth and expansion for homeopathy. As the Dean of Faculty of Homeopathy, in the past years, I’ve been inspired by the collective efforts of the students and professors of the Faculty, who have driven the growth and expansion to a whole new dimension. Every member of the institute has held fast our central values of responsibility, trust, academic brilliance, care and leadership. As a Faculty we are devoted to providing excellent opportunities and learning environment to the students and have been committed towards imparting good qualities in the students. Over the last decade, Homoeopathic Medical College has successfully conducted several academic and co-curricular activities to achieve the highest professional and ethical standards in the field of homoeopathic education and has achieved a magnificent growth. The college has received many accolades for its continuous achievements in education. And with this competent spirit, we wish to keep moving towards new heights. I welcome you all to your vibrant journey at Parul University.

Dr. Poorav Desai

What Students Say

Our institute has a well-established hospital. For practical lectures, our professors used to take us there for providing us a hands on practice. This had increased my knowledge, confidence and experience to ten folds.

Khyati Mishra

I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude towards Parul University for offering me a life changing and wonderful experience. During the initial days, I used to be a very shy and timid student. But, my highly supportive teachers and fellow colleagues helped me develop my personality and interpersonal skills. It’s because of these qualities, I can confidently attend to my patients.

Kinjal Popat

The state of art campus, classes, labs and hospitals played an instrumental role in my self- motivation towards studies. The Faculty of Homeopathy is equipped with all the ultra-modern techniques which makes it easier and more efficient to conduct impactful research.

Monterio Albino Nhacassa

The Faculty organizes many events and competitions every year, and these have been highly effective towards boosting my morale and it has allowed me to work with others, grow and develop as a collective team.

Naitri Chauhan

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