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Faculty of Business Administration

The need for innovative business solutions through entrepreneurship has taken a position of great importance in today’s world of business. In this regard, the Faculty of Business Admiration, endeavors to train the students and equip them with the most efficient business skills required to navigate the economic sector. A 360-degree academic experience with a curriculum that provides an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of the current business trends. The Entrepreneurship development cell is a complementary department under the Faculty of Business Administration and it seeks the development of the students’ innovative ideas, with center for the incubating various start-up projects. The faculty’s strategic industrial ties go on to create endless avenues of opportunities for students through internships and lucrative placements.As the Faculty of Business Administration, we seek to impact the overall growth of the students through an extraordinary academic experience coupled with inspiration talks from renowned personalities. We are committed to guide you today, towards your bright management career tomorrow. 

Why Study Business Administration?

Business administration in today’s society maintains a position of great importance, with a high demand for human resources with the relevant business skills.

The growing scope of entrepreneurship has created endless opportunities for people with business knowledge, business administration provides a student with the relevant skills for start-up initiatives.

Business administration has a very wide scope of application which is not only limited to business, making it a highly essential undergraduate foundation.

Upon studying management, the program provides you with endless career opportunities to pursue such as Financial Management, International Business Management, Business Consultancy and Human Resources Management, amongst other career opportunities.

What makes
PU Faculty of Business Administration unique?

Excellence in innovative entrepreneurship development and incubation.
A Comprehensive learning approach, with a unique focus in entrepreneurship development.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs, and strategic partnerships.
Expert talks and seminars from business experts, provides our students with real-time business insights.

Message from
the Dean

With the growing scope of startups in India and across the world, the scope of business has taken a whole new shift, from learning to be employed to learning to employ. As the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, it is my humble privilege, to contribute towards the process of grooming and developing the student’s business administrative abilities. My strategic position as the Director of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, allows me to simultaneously enhance the academic and the entrepreneurship skills of the students. Having students from diversified cultural and national backgrounds, creates an atmosphere of diversity of thought, whereby there is a flow exchange of business ideas. With the team effort of the faculties in BBA, the academic process is conducted in the with highest level of excellence to ensure that the students become personally attached to what they are learning. This is why I always say, our students are BBA by Choice.

What Students Say

Being a part of the faculty of BBA has been a never-ending process of growth and self-realization, it has given the ability to explore the depth of my potential, while at the same time acquiring the necessary knowledge of business, It Is indeed a great experience.

Naitri Chauhan

I have always wanted to be in an environment and atmosphere that nurtures and develops my passion and desire for entrepreneurship and Parul University has given just that exact same exposure. I have the opportunity of even starting my own startup venture while I am still in school.

Rahul Joshi

The major concern while I was beginning my course was regarding whether I would be able to find the most fitting job after the completion of my degree. The BBA campus drives which were organized by the Placement cell, allowed me the lifetime opportunity of being placed even while I was still studying.

Shring Sandilya

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