Meet Our Team

Dr M R Yadav

Director, Center of Research for Development (CR4D), Parul University

Specialization : Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical chemistry) Google Scholar Id:
International Book Chapters : 05
Authored Textbooks : 02
Conference Organized : 10
Projects Completed : 05
Conference Presentations : 92
Total Experience : >21 Years
Research Experience : 36 Years
Industrial Experience : 04Years
Teaching Experience : 40 Years

Prof. M.H. Fulekar

Senior Professor- Environmental Sciences & Joint Director (R&D) Centre of Research for Development

Specialization : Environmental Science: Biotechnology & Nanotechnology, Waste Water Treatment and Purification, Hazardous Waste Management, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy Production, Environmental Technology Development, Biodiversity Conservation.
Google Scholar Id:
NCBI, USA (GenBank)::
International Book Chapters : 50
Authored Textbooks : 07
Conference Organized : 25
Projects Completed : 08
Conference Presentations : 100+
Online Course/Certificate Program done :50
Total Experience : >43 Years
Research Experience : 43 Years
Industrial Experience : 15 Years
Achievements & Awards : Represented in Academic and Administrative committees at Institutional, State and Central Level Eminent Educationalist Award- 2016. Entrepreneur Award for Environmental Biotechnology (EAEB), Nepal-2014. Education Leadership Award, School of Environment and Sustainable Development, CUG (2013) Environmentalist- Listed in “Whos Who in Science and Engineering” USA (1998- 99) Awarded & 2000 Outstanding Scientist of the 20 th Century

Dr Anant Marathe

Editor in Chief, Parul University Journal of Health Sciences and Research Professor, Medical Microbiology, Parul Insitute of Medical Sciences and Research

Specialization : B.Sc - M S University of Baroda, M.Sc.(MEDICAL) - M S University of Baroda, Ph.D. - M S University of Baroda
ACHIEVEMENTS : Presented Poster at American Society of Microbiology's 108 Annual Meet Boston, MA-USA titled: Hepatitis B Vaccine Immunogenicity And Efficacy In Patients With Chronic Renal Failure On Maintenance Hemodialysis
Invited as a Guest lecturer at several Prestigious Medical institutes to present his work on :
  1. Burkholderia pseudomallie, How far is far East (February 17, 2005) at Bhailal Amin General Hospital, Baroda
  2. HIV lab diagnosis, (Dec 1, 2006) at Parul Institute, Baroda
  3. Recent Advances in stem cell therapy; Surat Medical Govt. College.

Reviewer for Journal (Reputed): British Medical Journal Case Reports

Reviewer for Journal (Reputed): Medical Science Monitor International Journal.

Presented paper on 'Sepsis in COVID 19 patients' at Pan Healthcare Research Society's 2nd National Conference on Coexisting with Covid-19. 5th-6th February, 2022

Dr. Vijay Jagdish Upadhye

Ph.D., Post-doctorate (Imperial College, London UK) Deputy Director, Centre of Research for Development (CR4D) Associate Professor, Parul Institute of Applied Sciences (PIAS)

Specialization : Immunodiagnostics and Identification of Biomarkers for Tuberculosis and Infectious diseases. Google Scholar Id:
International Book Chapters : 02
National Book Chapters : 02
Conference Organized : 09
Projects Completed : 05
Conference Presentations : 6
Total Experience : >20 Years
Research Experience : 12.4 Years
Industrial Experience : 4.4 Years
Teaching Experience : 5.5 years

Dr. Harjeet Singh

(Research Associate) Ph.D. CSIR-UGC NET-JRF; GATE

Specialization : Mycology (Medical Mycology; Clinical Microbiology; Infectious Fungal Diseases; Antifungal Resistance; Bioremediation; Fungal Enzymes)
International Book Chapters : 01
Authored Textbooks : 01
Conference Organized : 02
Projects Completed : 05
Conference Presentations : 02
Total Experience : 05 Years
Research Experience : 03 Years
Achievements : Qualified CSIR-UGC NET JRF (Life Sciences) Qualified GATE (Biotechnology)

Dr Mukul Jain

Assistant Professor cum Research Associate of Cell and Developmental Biology Lab in Parul Institute of Applied Sciences and Centre research for Development in Parul University

Specialization : Cell and Developmental Biology Google Scholar Id:
No. of papers published: 07
Online Course/Certificate Program done:: 01
Conference Organized : 02
Conference Presentations : 12
Total Experience : 4 Years
Research Experience : 2 Years
Achievements : Cleared the Young Scientist grant (YSS/2020/000113/PRCYSS) from the Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health

Dr. Tarun Kumar Upadhyay

Assistant Professor (Biotechnology) Parul Institute of Applied Sciences & Centre of Research for Development (Animal Cell Culture and Immunobiochemistry Lab)

Specialization: Immunobiology, Drug delivery, Nanoparticles/Microparticles, Mushroom bioactive products, Infectious disease, Cell based assays, CancerBiology
Address: Parul University, Vadodara, Gujrat-India
Telephone: +91-8564879596
Google Scholar ID:
Publications in SCI/Scopus/WoS: 25 (International Journals)
International book chapters: 12 (Springer, ELSEVIER, Nova Science, USA, Taylor & Francis).
Authored Textbooks: 3
Edited book (Springer): 01 in Process
Conference Organized: 04 (at National and International Level)
Online Course/Certificate Program done: 10
Conference Presentations: More than

Dr. Soyebkhan Pathan, Ph.D., MRSC

Scientist/ Assistant Professor Centre research for Development in Parul University

Specialization : Heterogeneous Catalysis, Porous Materials and Applications, Single atom/ controlled cluster catalysts, CO 2 and surrogates utilization, Biomass valorization, Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Polyoxometalates Chemistry Google Scholar Id:
Membership in scientific bodies:: 04
No. of Papers Published: 18
International Book Chapters: 01
Edited book (Springer International Publishing):: 01
Online Course/Certificate Program done:

Dr. Mitesh Patel

Research Associate cum Assistant Professor, Microbiology Research Lab, Research & Development Cell and Department of Biotechnology, Parul Institute of Applied Sciences, Parul University

Specialization : Taxonomy and Systematics of Pteridophytes, Microbial Biofilm and Quorum Sensing, Cancer Biology, natural Product Research
Google Scholar Id:
No. of papers published: 90
International Book Chapters: 04
Edited book: 01
Granted patents: 02
Projects Completed: 06
Current ongoing Projects: 02

Editorial Board Member

  • Associate Editor in SNS Applied Sciences (Publisher – Springer Nature
  • Academic Editor in PLOS ONE (Publisher – PLOS)
  • Academic Editor in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Publisher – Hindawi)
  • Guest Associate Editor in Frontiers in Pharmacology (Publisher – Frontiers)
  • Guest Associate Editor in Frontiers in Nutrition (Publisher – Frontiers)
  • Guest Associate Editor in Frontiers in Sustainable Food System (Publisher – Frontiers)
  • Guest Associate Editor in Metabolites (Publisher – MDPI)

Dr. Reeshu Gupta, PhD

Senior Scientist and Assistant Professor, Parul University

Specialization : Genetics
International Book Chapters: 01
Conference Organized: 1
Current ongoing Projects: 04
Conference Presentations: 12
Membership in scientific bodies: 04
No. of Papers Published: 27
Awarded patents: 01 (commercialized)
Total Experience: 13 Years
Research Experience: 05 Years
Industrial Experience: 06 Years
Teaching Experience: 04 Years
International award in the field of technology innovation: 1 (Product development for the treatme

Mr. (C. Eng.) Maulesh Hiteshbhai Parikh

Assistant Professor cum IPR Consultant, RDC and GUJCOST Approved IPR CELL, Parul University and Parul Pharmaceutical PVT LTD

Specialization : IPR EXPERT, Patent Search, Drafting, Filing, Hearing and Prosecution, Industrial Design, Trademark and Copyright
Government of Gujarat Registered Startup Mentor
MSME Startup Forum Co-Chair India
Technology Transfer Officer and Expert Under ATTP Global- RTTP Candidate IA_A055
No.of Patent Published Worldwide: 7+
No. of Industrial Design Registered in World Wide: 33+
No of Paper Published: 15+
Indian Government Registered Patent Agent, IN/PA 4465
Likdin Profile:
Canada Government Registered Foreign Patent Practitioner - CPATA 2023-0026

Dr. Meenakshi Bhavesh Patel

Professor and Head of Department, Pharmaceutics Department, School of Pharmacy, Parul University

Specialization : Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics - Formulation development)
Google Scholar Id:
International Book Chapters: 02
Membership in scientific bodies: 04
Conference Organized: 15
Projects Completed: 07
Conference Presentations: 12
Total Experience: 17 Years 7 months
Research Experience: 13 Years
Industrial Experience: 00 Years
Teaching Experience: 17 Years 7 months

Achievements: Quali

Dr. Radhey Shyam Kaushal

Assistant Professor, RDC CELL, Parul University

Specialization : specialization: Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Structural Biology
Conferences: 20+
Achievements: Best Teacher award, Young Researcher award, International travel award (Italy)

Bio:Dr. Radhey Shyam Kaushal is working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Life Sciences - Biotechnology, Parul Institute of Applied Sciences, and Principal Investigator - Biophysics & Structural Biology Laboratory, Research & Development Cell, Parul University. He did his doctoral thesis entitled “Bioinformatics, Biochemical, and 3D-Structural studies on putative virulence factors from Leishmania species” in the Department of Biotechnology, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India. He has also done his Post-doctoral research work on “Structural and functional characterization of oxidative stress proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis as potential drug target against tuberculosis: A cross-talk with Fenton reaction” as National Post – Doctoral Fellow from CSIR – Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. In year 2022, Dr. Kaushal received prestigious International Trav