About Diploma in Automobile Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering in Diploma studies offers a three year diploma program in automobile engineering which allows students to develop a practical and theoretical understanding of automation. The program focuses on equipping the students with relevant skills in repairing, designing and assembling of vehicles. The need for convenience has placed a high demand for reliable and sustainable vehicles as the sources of mobility and as a way of meeting this demand, the Faculty of Engineering Diploma studies teaches students the art of shaping and developing innovative technology. The program is AICTE approved, thus guaranteeing for the students the highest form of quality and excellence in automobile engineering.  The curriculum is designed in such a way that provides students with the most engaging learning experience through various laboratories such as Automobile Engine, Automobile Power-trains Systems, Vehicle Maintenance & Garage Practice, Automobile Electrical System and Fluid Mechanics. From the date of its initiation, the automotive engineering has maintained a position of significance, producing the most skilled student resources to enhance the contemporary industry. To compliment the scope of academics, the program is designed in such a way that shapes and develops the career abilities for effective placements.


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Diploma in Automobile EngineeringProgram Outcomes

Why Study Diploma in Automobile Engineering

With the scope of innovative technology in eco-friendly and electric vehicles, the automobile industry has been on a constant rise, resulting in the creation of opportunities for Automobile Engineering graduates. The program imparts within the students a unique expertise in the dynamics of machines, heat transfer, automotive HVAC, CAD/CAM, and automobile power-train system amongst others. Upon the completion of this program students can explore various career prospects such as:
Automobile Engineer

Automobile Engineer

An ability to understand the fundamental elements of automobile engineering, and to keep in touch with the contemporary industrial trends.

Design Engineer

An ability to solve engineering problems through a mastery of fundamental engineering subjects such as mathematics, engineering graphics and engineering physics amongst others.

Design Engineer
Material Processing Specialist

Material Processing Specialist

An ability to interpret and navigate the dynamics of the industry and to apply the modern technologies and innovate new trends for social wellbeing.

Safety Testing Specialist

An ability to develop the communication skills along with other career oriented skill sets, essential for various career prospects.

Safety Testing Specialist
Material purchase manager

Material purchase manager

An ability to develop effective industrial skills and hands on training required, with competencies on a global scale and capacity.

Duration: 3 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

10th Pass with 35% and english and maths as compulsory subjects


Mode of Admission

As per ACPDC Procedure.

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Diploma in Automobile Engineering


* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

Diploma in Automobile Engineering Curriculum Laboratories


Automobile Engine Lab

Our Automobile Engine lab is well equipped with the 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine and 4 Cylinder


Computer Labs

The faculty is equipped with a total of 15 computer laboratories which are strategically designed to provide students with the most

Diploma in Automobile Engineering CurriculumActivities

Measurement of Idling Fuel Consumption of Different Types of Vehicles

Parul University had organized a one day Technical Seminar at Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology, Limda. 6 Experts from Vadodara, Bharuch, Narmada, Surat, Navsari, Tapi, Valsad, Dang, Panchmahal, Dahod & Anand district and 300 Students from respective colleges attended the Seminar. Specific Fuel Consumption of Heavy motor Vehicles and Light Motor Vehicles was measured by experts. Mr. Sudeep Kumar was the expert from CRRI (Central Road Research Institute), New Delhi for this innovative Seminar.

Workshop on Engine Assembly & Disassembly

A two day workshop was organized for 3rd semester students on Engine Assembly & Disassembly .This workshop helped the Faculties and students to gain knowledge about how to disassemble and assemble the engine. In this workshop, Faculties and students practically identified all parts of engine like head, piston, cylinder, camshaft, etc. On the first day they disassembled the engine and on the next day they assembled the engine.

Technical Workshop on Autodesk Inventor

This workshop contains the basic learning and practicing Autodesk Inventor software. A total of 30 Faculties for Autodesk Inventor 2015 of Diploma Studies, Polytechnic and Degree Engineering participated in Workshop. This workshop organized by Parul University imparted a brief knowledge about the uses of Autodesk Inventor Software for Research and Design aspects. Mr. Tapan Shah & Mr. Vishal Mistry were the experts in this Technical workshop on Autodesk Inventor 2015 from CAD Experts (Surat).

Expert Lecture on Demonstration on types of LEGO Robots

Department of Automobile Engineering organized Expert lecture and workshop on the topic of Demonstration on types of LEGO Robots. Lego Robots, is a hardware software platform produced by Lego for the development of programmable robots based on Lego building blocks. Each version of the system includes an intelligent brick computer that controls the system, a set of modular sensors and motors, and Lego parts from the Technic line to create the mechanical systems.

Expert Lecture on Design Software

Department of Automobile Engineering organized an Expert lecture on the topic of Design software which are used in Automobile Industries. In this session, Students learned about the different software used for Design of the Vehicle body, chassis and frame. The expert explained the detailed knowledge of Application of this software in analysis of different parts of automobile. This lecture helped to learn about the different criteria required in product design.

Recent Trends in Automobile Technology

Mr. Sanket Patel delivered an expert lecture on recent trends in Automobile technology and its day-to-day advanced trends in Automobiles. Globalization in Automobile industry has greatly accelerated during last half of 1990s by Giant Multinational Automakers. The company finds the advanced technologies to have customers attraction.

Industrial Visit at Tata Motor, Surat

Department of Automobile Engineering organized a one day Industrial visit at authorized service station of Tata Motor at Surat for practical knowledge improvement for final year students. Students learnt about the different technologies used in Tata Motor Commercial Vehicles. The workshop manager explained the Application of each commercial Vehicle. The students obtained the knowledge about different types of Chassis and Frame, different tools, maintenance equipment used in workshop.

Industrial Visit at Caparo Enigneering

This visit was organized for 4th and 6th semester students at Caparo Engineering India. Caparo Engineering India Limited designs, develops and manufactures automotive systems, assemblies, advanced composites, modules, and components for automotive OEMs and engineering majors. The company offers metal stamping products, such as outer body panels, large inner panels, reinforcements, brackets, frame add-on parts, cross members and chassis parts, and general stamping; electric resistance welded precision steel tubes, structural hollow sections, and conduits, as well as cold drawn welded tubes; and aluminum precision casting products, such as cylinder blocks, crank-case covers/oil pans, wheel hubs/brake drums, clutch housings, bearing ladders/ladder frame, timing cases and timing case cover, rocker covers/cylinder head cover, hydraulic valve blocks, transmission cases, power train components.

Industrial Visit at Mahindra Bus and Truck Division

This visit was done at Mahindra Bus and Truck division, Ahmedabad, which was organized for the students of 3rd semester, Automobile Department. It is a large maintenance Workshop of Mahindra Truck repair and services. Different types of engine problems and accident repairs happen in this workshop. Our students learnt about how the truck transmission system works and which types of problems may arise in truck engine. The workshop manager initiated the session by giving a warm welcome and an inspirational speech on how they achieved such a huge success. He gave the details of latest equipment used for truck repairing and its specifications. He explained about the service and Maintenance schedule and also ways to deal with customer problems and how to solve the queries of customer.

Industrial Visit at Kiran Motor

This visit was done at Kiran Motors, Vadodara, which was organized for the students of 3rd semester, Automobile Department. Learning point of this was to learn technologies and mechanisms used in cars. It is the largest maintenance Workshop of Maruti car repair and services. Different types of engine problems and accidents have been repaired in this workshop. He explained about the service and Maintenance schedule. He also explained about how to deal with customer problems and how to solve the queries of customer.